How it Works


Bank Details

Anthony Macharia
Konto-Nr. 175575460
BLZ : 44010046
IBAN: DE08 4401 0046 0175 5754 60

Open Hours

Thursday-Saturday from 8uhr to 17 uhr

How It Works


Required Infomation

Identify an item you would like us to ship then share the details(length*width*height) for pricing and also share your details i.e home address and telephone numbers for our record keeping
How the parcel gets to us depends on your preference:

1.You can opt us to collect the parcel at your place
2.You can choose to deliver at our go down in Essen
3.Use any delivery service company i.e DHL, Hermes



Payments can be done upon collection or sent to the bank account shared above.
After payment one is required to share the receivers details i.e The telephone number, ID number(required for authentication) and location
Please note that we don't do door to door delivery, hence once the parcel is with us, you can only collect it from our warehouse in Nairobi along Mombasa Road or in Changamwe, Mombasa


Track Order

To track your order, Kindly use the contact us form in the contact us page
Or use the place order link in the client's area and submit a query with your details. Once we get your query, we will our support team will respond as soon as possible